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Dynamically select fields

It would be nice to be able to dynamically select which field of a table to use in an expression, instead of having to hard-code it.

For example, I’m building a lot of pre-calculated statistics. The simplest way to store them is to just make a field like “stat-number-1” and then another field like “stat-number-2”. However, when I go to display them, there’s no way to switch between fields without using hard-coded conditions.

I can switch between items in a list, but not between fields. I can’t search for field names either.

So if field names were also dynamic, I’d be able to swap out the field names in an expression and show the data without needing to hard-code a different expression for every field.


I think this idea would be very useful as well. It would change some of the decisions I make about how to structure my data and would make certain operations much easier. Have you found any workarounds for this that were helpful/have you heard from anyone on the bubble team about whether or not this is something they would be interested in implementing.

I also think it would be great to have this functionality

Does anyone know if this feature is going to be implemented or can be achieved with any plugin?
I need to select field dynamically to make change to a Thing.