Save and display dynamic data as text (bubble expression)

I don’t think this is possible, but on the off chance that it is.

Is there a way to save a bubble expression in the database and have it
displayed in a text field? I think text fields can only display text, not interpret text as bubble expressions and turn it into something useful, right? I was hoping for a field type “dynamic text” or something.

E.g. Save the expression “Bla bla Things’s value” where thing’s value is dynamic data,
and then display that as a text.

Not possible as far as I know.

What is the real use case? Maybe there is a way to achieve your ultimate goal.

I was toying with optimizing a notification system. and instead of writing the notification texts in the editor I wanted to pull them from a central place, to make it much easier to update. Some of the notifications needs to be “personalized” so they include dynamic data in the middle of static text.

what I did in the end was a hybrid for a couple of cases and re-wrote the notification text for the rest to either not use dynamic data or only use it at the beginning/end of the text. That way I can pull it from the database without any static text.

but sure would be nice to have the ability for text fields to be able to read expressions like that.

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