List fields of an object dynamically


I am having a hard time to get to this use case:

I would like to list all fields of an objecy dynamically meaning that in a repeating group have each cell contains the name of an object field:

For example User:

RG contain:

Cell 1 Text: Name
Cell 2 Text: Surname
Cell 3 Text: Phone number
Cell 4 Text: Role


Because I would like to check or uncheck this cells to show (or not show) the related information on a table.

Is this something possible?

Hi @jdiazarmas

I would try the latest released element by bubble “Tables”.
This looks like the perfect use case for it.

I think tables won´t do the trick. Maybe an alternative solution?

Have you tried Tables element yet as suggested? Isn’t it exactly what you are looking for? A table?

The alternative is that you build your own table using repeating groups which has always been how we had to do it (without plugins) and hence why Bubble decided to release the new Table element.

I think i have not made my question clear as it should be , my apologies.

What i meant is the following:

Let´s say i have the object user with the fields:

phone number

How can i get the list of texts : “name”, “surname”, “age”, “phone number” without actually writing those texts but getting the fields names of the object user (in this case name, surname, age and phone number) in a dynamic way?

Hey. I have a demo of a table setup that you can definitely utilize to your own use-case. Check it out!


*Click the “sums & Averages”. let me know if that’s what you’re looking for.

Currently there is no native way to dynamically retrieve fields from a datatype. There are 2 ways I can think of to workaround this.

  1. Manually in each element. Which is what you want to avoid.
  2. Creating an option set replicating the fields of your datatype. So you can use the option set as a list to dynamically fill a repeating group. Now all you have to do is just update that data set instead of individual elements.

I think you want to dynamically get the field name of your data types.

If yes, then it is not possible from bubble directly. But depending on your use case, there are a few ways to achieve this.

  1. Use some script to crawl through your editor data type tab to get the respective field names. Extract the values & show them(This one might be time-consuming, and need for you to hire some professional)
  2. Store the field names in some option set, or another datatype. Update it whenever you create a new field. This might be a bit of a hassle to maintain.

If you are using option sets, just make sure to not put any information which is private.

Hope this helps!

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You could try this plugin
1T - Get Raw Field Names Plugin | Bubble

Thank you very much for the responses.

I have concluded that the only way is to do this statically. It is just an extra effort.

I´ll close the thread.


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You can use my “Fielder” plugin for this.

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