Dynamically setting content type

I created an activity feed and users have multiple ‘data things’ for tasks, file uploads, notes etc.

I want to let users click the row and see the details in a popup but can’t figure out how to dynamically set the content type of the popup to get the proper record.

Right now I store the ‘thing type’ (for example, ‘note’, ‘task’ etc) and the unique record id of that thing and was thinking I could set the data for the popup to search for that ‘thing’ based on the unique record ID.

It’s basically like a CRM activity feed that allows you to deep link or see details of all of the sub-objects.

Would I be better off just passing that ID to a dedicated details page? IE: on click, go to “task details page” and send the unique ID to it?

I don’t believe that can be done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your desired UX, however.

One approach would be to have a different initially-hidden Group within the same popup and show only the relevant group when the row is clicked. The groups should be stacked (in “Y” space - not “Z” space). The pop-up height will automatically adjust appropriately. (This is a common technique for a variety of use-cases in Bubble.)


ooh, that’s a good idea. I’ll give that shot. My ‘user record’ pages show the related ‘things’ in tabs instead of separate pages so I hope I’m not in for trouble later…

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