What type of content to choose for a Popup when the data is not in bubble?

Hi All,

I have a RG that receives the data from an API call. The data is not stored in bubble. Each row contains an edit button. When the button is clicked I send the current cells data into the popup and show it. All good so far.

The problem is now is in the popup. What do I set the “Type of Content” to in the popup? The data is not in bubble. All the examples I have found so far use the User type, which doesnt work for me, as I have my own data coming from API. Any help is appreciated.


It should let you set the popup’s datatype as your API datatype (same as your RG cell type) :blush:

I can do that through the plugins section, see here:


I added a text box into the popup and set the content to be the parents groups…

But when I click the button, the popup is empty. The title is not displayed. What am I missing here?

When you click on the button inside the cell, you have to do Display data in popup, pick the Current Cell’s Thing, then your Show a popup action. So the popup knows which thing to display

@tylerboodman I did that already. Its still not working.

If you send the title then now you are sending text, so the popup needs to have the type text. Or try displaying the result, not the result’s title.

@tylerboodman Ah I see what I was doing wrong. Thanks. I changed the data to be sent to the full cell result and now its working.

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