E-Commerce: How to navigate user from an individual product page to “Added to cart”

What data to send?

I’m building an e-commerce website similar to Amazon. I did check out and followed the guide (by Bubble) on how to build an Amazon clone. On the Add to cart page, when I click the Add to cart button, I want to navigate to a checkout page. This navigation requires sending data across the pages. I chose “Current Page Product” as the data to send. The problem is when the checkout page loads, there is no data there at all. I know the data to use is Current User’s Added to cart. But Bubble doesn’t allow me to use this. Even if I select data source on the checkout repeating group as Current User’s Added to cart (as instructed by the guide), I still don’t see any image. (I use an image inside the repeating group on the checkout page and select data source as Current cell’s Product’s image). Still no image shown.

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