How to pass data between pages?

I have an application that has two types of users (buyer and seller)
Sellers can create a list of items for sale, and buyers must see and interact with it all.
My problem is that I don’t understand how to transfer information from one page to another (I tried to do it through the seller’s dashboard, creating repeating groups… when registering a new product, this information gets into the dashboard, but I want to transfer more information to another page that the buyer will interact with, but it is critical for me that the information is displayed not in the form of repeating groups, but in something similar to a Tinder profile, where there is a photo, age, BIO … not in the form of a list, but in the form of a neat profile, please tell me how to do it?
Thanks in advance!

Have you read the documentation?

If that’s not helpful, you might need to elaborate on where you’re having trouble.

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I tried through workflow, but nothing is sent except for the photo
For clarity, I will send a photo of a repeating group (when you click on the add button, information from this list should go to another page, in the form that is in the photo with repeating groups)

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I hope the screenshots upload

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