How Can I Show Data to Another Page? (Without Navigating to the Page)

Hi, Bubblers!

I wish I can get help for my problem…
I was thinking to build an one page app.
Then I realized having more apps will be helpful.
But, I like to use the same app with different pages.
(so, there will be pages for customers and pages for managers.)

So, When a customer put items on a cart and place an order, I want the order to be shown on a RG of Manager side.

I was thinking ‘Sending data to a page’ fits for this. But it has to be with navigating to the page, if I’m correct.

But the customer is not going to go to the page. Only on manager’s side it is gonna be shown.

There is a ‘Basket’(Cart) in the customer page like below.

When the customer place an order. ‘Purchased’ will be marked as ‘Yes’. like below.

Then on the manager’s side. I set up like below for the order to be shown on RG.

Then I used two different browsers to preview the different pages.
Then It doesn’t automatically show on the RG on Manager’s side.

What should I do to solve this?

Thank you for reading!

Use custom state (search forum for it)
Stack the groups one under the other. Make sure they are not over lapping otherwise you will have white gap on the page.

  • do conditions on the group and make group visible and invisible according to which group you want to show.

Or use navigate to page and go to same page and send another parameter.
Then on the group make condition get parameter from page url.
Sorry i don’t have laptop now so i am giving hint. Tomorrow if you aren’t answered i will show you screenshots

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@universe1 you might have a problem with your data structure

The Created By = Current User on the manager’s side doesn’t make sense, as a Basket is created by a Customer, not the Manager. Instead, when a Customer creates a new Basket, you should also add this Basket to your Manager’s list of Baskets

I’m guessing you have another RG with a list of Baskets on a page on the manager’s side, for the manager to view all purchased orders made by customers. You could then have the data source of this first RG set to Current Manager’s Basket with the constraint Purchased = yes. From there, when the manager clicks on a Basket, you could send this Basket’s data to another page (let’s call it Single Basket page).

On this Single Basket page, change the data source in the RG to Current Page Basket’s Basket Items

That should do it

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Thank you, @solinz

Your answer helped me learn how to use ‘Custom State’ and ‘Get Data from page URL’.

I really appreciate it! :cowboy_hat_face:
I hope this also help other newbie bubblers like me!
Thank you again! :joy:

Thank you, @ambroisedlg
You are absolutely right!
This is not about sending data to another page. I had to restructure data for the other page to recall right data to be shown!
I couldn’t see it maybe because I was kinda in a hurry so I may thought there must be a dynamic way to make it happen fast…
But you helped me see it.
Thank you again! @ambroisedlg :cowboy_hat_face:

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