E-mail marketing automation

So, my boss has asked me to research this platform and see if it can build something we want. I’m still unpacking all of the stuff he wants his program to be able to do, so I’ll probably be asking regular questions here for a while just to see if things can be done.
The biggest thing I know he wants it to be able to do is . . . well, we run an online marketing company and one of the services we do is reputation management. There are several companies that have programs that do stuff we’re looking to do, but while everything we need to do can be done, no single program does all of the things we want to do.
What we do is set up an automated process for sending out e-mails that encourage customers to leave online reviews to help the business grow. What we need our program to be able to do is send predesigned e-mails (which I can see can already made possible with Bubble), make decisions on which e-mails to follow-up with based on what the customer does, and then terminate its workflow when the customer either leaves the desired feedback or opts out.
What we need to do is be able to check if the customer who the e-mail was sent to opened it, if they clicked on a link in the e-mail to go to a page, and if they filled out the feedback form on the page the link takes them to. I’m pretty sure if Bubble can enable us to do these things, it can easily be programmed to make the appropriate decisions based on them.
Are these things that can be done with Bubble in its current build?

They all seem viable using bubble, but you’ll want to use a few 3rd parties to make it easier. Here’s how I’d think about it…

You’ll want an email tool like sendgrid for physically sending emails, tracking opens, etc. Bubble integrates with them so that’s easy enough. Sendgrid can also handle the predesigned email requirement.

You may be able to use Bubble for the business logic that determines which emails are sent. If you need a UI to enable the client to customize this, then that’s a bid harder and could pose some risk.

If you’re doing the calculations, then you may want to connect to blockspring or a math/algorithms company if the calculations are complex at all. Math in Bubble isn’t all that easy to do yet (well, anything beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division aren’t easy anyway). Connecting to a third party for this portion seems easy enough.

Survey’s in Bubble - yep, no problem. Tracking visits, questions answered, etc. also easy.

Bubble likely serves as the glue the stores all the data and connects the pieces together as well. This is where Bubble is at it’s best, imo.

So, yeah, seems like it’s viable.

Yes, pretty much all possible, and I have done something fairly similar.

The open tracking (assume via some sort of image download) would be the only thing that might not be possible without some thought.

I believe open tracking can be done in Sendgrid and then have Bubble GET the data from Sendgrid’s API.

Perhaps there is a way to do webhooks in Sendgrid or at least long polls to get (near) real-time data if that’s needed.

Agreed, although I am not sure how you would tie back an open in SendGrid to a “customer” record in Bubble.

You might need to switch over to using the SendGrid API to send mail rather than Bubble’s internal so that you have some sort of meta data.

I would imagine it is perfectly possible in either SendGrid or Mandril/Mailchimp it would just need some research first.

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