Best tools for automated email sequence CRM and Bubble

What are some recommended tools to sit on top of Bubble to enable some of the following flows?

  • Profile visit and reminder (like Airbnb)
  • Sent an enquiry but did not convert it to
  • Thank you flow post payment / 6 month after reminder
  • Repeat buyer email flow - thank you for your loyalty

We are using Encharge at the moment but it’s more set up for SaaS.

Klaviyo it seems can’t track on page events from each customer.

All of that can be done in Bubble with scheduled backend workflows that get triggered when a profile is viewed, or when an enquiry has expired or after the payment has been made.

The repeat buyer is needing to use a condition to verify if they bought before or not.

Absolutely no need for anything other than Bubble for all of that.