[Early access beta] New expression composer for more intuitive logic!

Do you have parentheses enabled? If yes then it should appear multiple times (different places to put parentheses)

Thanks, @drixxon. Things make a bit more sense when I interpret the corners as parentheses from the experimental feature.

Thanks, @georgecollier. No, I don’t have that experimental feature enabled; but since the description for this new UI states that it overrides the parentheses feature, then I’m assuming the corners are analogous to parentheses (and the new UI makes a bit more sense in that light).


I have to say, though, that while the ability to “insert” expressions is improved with this new UI, I was also hoping for an easy way to “rearrange” subexpressions within an expression. I’ll have to play a bit with copy/paste to see if that’s improved.

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Oooh, imagine being able to drag and drop and slot in.


To answer your questions:

  • Yes, the additional “More”'s are intended! This is because we’ve made “parentheses” native to Bubble’s composer; you now have more expressivity in approaching your logic.
  • For the faded text, that seems to be a bug – could you submit a bug report, so we can repro and investigate further?
  • We currently don’t allow the ability to select parts of expressions, so in the instance you’d like to flip two sides of an “or” statement, you’d reconstruct each part. Since these result in the equivalent expression, what is the use case for switching the positions of these sub-expressions?
  • Yes, the corners do take the place of parentheses in this new UI. We heard overwhelming feedback that the parentheses were too overwhelming in their visibility, so we went for a more implicit look. Hovering over different parts of the expression also reveal how they’re part of their own sub-expressions, as well as how they form the larger expression as a whole.
  • We have a ticket to implement hovering over atoms to show the data type – that will be in the GA feature.

The image I posted is not a good example, but basically for performance (and WU) optimization per this enhancement regarding the way boolean operations are evaluated.



I will get used to the corners, I’m sure, but I absolutely beg to differ with that feedback. The visual of the parentheses made perfect sense because they are, you know, actual parentheses. Tiny little corners that are hard to see are not parentheses… or at least they weren’t until today. Oh, well… time to start embracing tiny little corners (or TLCs, as I am going to call them) in the brave new world of Bubble expressions!


Yeah, and when there’s more than one dangling off the end of an expression, they look a bit forlorn - puny forlorn corners (or PFCs as I’m calling them). :smirk:

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Can’t tell you how not excited I am to explore this!


Yea keep talking, in the year 2198 when we can return values via client side action lets see how not excited you are :crazy_face:


Oh no! I loved the parenthesis!!!

I turned on the experimental feature and now my app won’t load at all. I can’t even go into the settings to turn it off :sob:

Had to use the URL Parameter that loads the app without the issue tracker so that I could get in my app and deactivate the experimental feature.

This sent me from 0 to 162 errors.

Sorry @grace.hong, I’d love to provide a bug report with error screenshots and specific information, but I can’t access my app with the feature on :frowning: Might have to submit a vague report and let your team do the troubleshooting.

I have the same bug that when I turn on the new feature in my app, I get 43 issues:

nice effort here, but i actually preferred the parentheses. only thing that it needed was better handling of replacing pieces of expressions. the general behavior is after the first logical expression if you try to swap out a variable later it basically clears everything out after it.

If you go this route with corners, would be great to let us choose whether we want “corners” or “parens”. my two cents


@grace.hong… if my post gets more likes than your original post, will you change the TLCs back to parentheses? :slight_smile:

Okay, I kid… well, somewhat. The more I think about and look at those corners, the more confused I get as to how it’s a good idea to change such a well-understood paradigm like parentheses denoting order of operations. If folks are overwhelmed with their visibility (whatever that means), couldn’t you have just “toned them down” a bit? I honestly think new (and even not-so-new) Bubblers are going to struggle to understand what the corners mean (or even realize they are there in the first place), and again, I completely disagree with the overwhelming feedback you got.

Anyway, just my two cents, so take it for what it’s worth.

Edit: if you combine the likes on my other post with this post, I am winning. :wink:


Yeah… I thought the experimental parenthesis feature was almost perfect (once you got your head around how it worked)… easy to add expressions and operators in the right place, simple to see at a glance which parts of the expressions were grouped together, etc.

All it needed was the ability to change internal parts of an expression without losing the whole thing.

I cant make any sense of this new implementation (admittedly I haven’t spent much time with it) - I can’t work out what it’s meant to show or how to know where your and/or operators are being placed, and it’s very hard to even see the tiny little corners (I seem to always have more right corners than left ones, or a load of extra corners in the middle)… and that’s aside from all the bugs (like it just doesn’t work at all as soon as an Option Set is introduced).

I was hoping the previous parenthesis feature would be taken out of beta and released as a full feature, with some improvements for handling in-expression editing.

Maybe, once all the bugs are fixed, and I’ve spent enough time with it it will start to make sense…


I thought it was a nice upgrade, but please put the parentheses back it’s so much easier to read than those tiny little corners, you can hardly see what is grouped together


Same here…

I think it’s great improvement on previous version, especially on larger expressions it gets very confusing.

However could we please, please, please start working with increased sizes. I mean most of us, develop on machines (not mobile, minimum space constrains).


These corners are so little and high resolution its hard to see, so is it possible to increase the size somehow?


I like the underline, I don’t need the parenthesis but the little hooks are pretty small.

I also think the update has effected the styles tab. Particularly when editing an input style the Layout and the Appearance Tab are not showing any information when selected. The conditional tab is ok

@mikeloc Looking at @robertas screenshot, I have absolutely no idea which expressions are grouped without )( symbols. Like my caveman brain can’t even comprehend it :laughing:


You’re not alone, how did anyone think this was a good idea :laughing: The lines underneath I can live with but the strange brackets are impossible to work around.

Heck if they’d made it so each ‘bracketed’ section was a slightly different colour I’d prefer that even if I was colourblind…

Though, it’s beta, so hopefully it’ll change. Being able to edit mid-expression is of course a good feature.