New categorized data types, data sources, and operators

UPDATE: Aug 8, 2023 – Excited to announce that we’ve released this feature to be a default experience!

Since its original release, this feature now has the capability to expand/collapse on categories with keyboard shortcuts (simply navigate up/down the menu and click enter when you’d like to expand/collapse). This should make it easier to sort through the dropdown when you have categories with numerous entries.
Let us know if you have any additional feedback, and stay tuned for more composer-related updates :wink:

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce the first of a few upcoming changes to our expression composer! As one of the most highly used product areas, the expression composer is due for a revamp :wink: Thanks to @alex.stanescu and @christine.shiba for their work on this project!

The first change we’re making is categorizing the options you see in the dropdown when creating dynamic expressions and selecting types. This is being released as a new experimental feature
(which you can find in Settings > Versions), titled “Categorized types, datasources and operators.”

We’re hoping that this change makes it easier for users to understand the different atoms that build up an expression and consequently create expressions more quickly and correctly!

Here’s an example of how data sources are categorized:

Here’s an example for types:

As always, let us know if you have any feedback, and look forward to more changes on the horizon!


Hey @grace.hong,

Just noticing this small bug when Type of content isn’t selected

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 11.34.57

Hi - can you explain the bug more in detail (is it just that the “Type of content” field is outlined red)? On which element is this bug appearing?

@grace.hong I also see this a lot - got some 10 new errors. The issue seems to revolve around Option Sets being the type of content in this case:


The type of content in the editor is not selectable, it’s stuck like this.

Gotcha, our engineer just noticed this - going to fix this!


All groups!

I’m not sure if this is related, but I can’t seem to select expressions in the editor…like at all. I can only click around them, but I can’t actually select, copy, or paste any expressions.

Tried it in Chrome and Safari. Same.


Yeah, same here. It happened about the same time as this release. First two lines of an expression can’t be clicked at all.

And this is for the regular editor – without this enabled.


Hey all - Thank you for testing the experimental feature and submitting these reports. Adding this onto an engineering task and will let you know when we update the feature to fix these!

A quick workaround that allows using your expressions:


the Replace button isn’t working as well


@grace.hong Is there any chance you could roll back the update to the previous version of the editor until these issues can be resolved? :pray:

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You can turn off the experimental feature?

Ya—it appears this feature is affecting users that haven’t enabled it.

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Same on an app without any experimental features activated.

I haven’t enabled it!

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Ah dang, so this experimental issue is causing issues in development? :thinking:

Im turning off all of these experimental features again lol

won’t help

Welp time to file bug reports then :man_shrugging:

Yes, I can’t select any expression in the editor unless it’s only one level deep.

e.g. I can choose Current User and Current User’s Name but not Current User’s Account’s Name

If I enable the feature and add text around the expression I can edit it (just like showed earlier) but then other things break (e.g. what @alxgrepe posted before)