Easiest way to print some HTML?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what is the EASIEST way to transform an html page from my bubble application to a PDF or preferably a docx ? By keeping the structure, not putting the images in base 64 ect…

I looked at quite a few of plugins and any of them seemed to work perfectly, if you disagree with me can you tell me the pros and cons of the plugin you are using ?

Thank you !

I’m pretty sure @levon and his team have a pdf export plugin that might suit your needs, but I haven’t tried it myself. Perhaps you have some input Levon?

For docx I’m not sure, but you might run it through Google docs to get the result. I’m sure there are easier ways though, but not aware of any plugin that does it directly.

Thanks Petter,

If you are talking about Documental I tried the demo and I am having problem with the HTML to Docx action. That is why I am looking for an alternative/easier solution ! If I don’t find any I’ll try it again …


No, Petter meant this Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode
we are polishing the plugin currently as it still has a few glitches but we should be done very shortly. Just post something on that thread to receive updates about our progress


I would second that. Once the pdf plugin by @levon is fixed up it will be the best tool on bubble to accomplish this.