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Easy to to add a PAGE_IS_ACTIVE modifier?

I’m try to make it so when a link is active on my menu, it will show a different color. But the workaround I’m only seeing, is to manually select each item, and give it an “is_active” with toggled “yes/no”.

Still new to Bubble, so trying to figure out the best option.

So like it will redirect a user if you go visit that page and its toggled no?

Example: | is_active = “no”

No redirect.

I just want the user to see that they are on the page they clicked on the menu.

All the other menu items in their “non-active” active, whilst the one the user is on, is active and a different color or something to represent that.

Oh makes sense. All you’d have to do is.

Go to that element’s conditions and add a conditional.

For example:

Data Field & Type(S):

New Type: Stopped Pages
Field Type: Text
Field Name: Stopped URL(S)
Check: This field is a list (multiple entries)


Then, go to conditionals of the element you want to change

Think you’ve opened my eyes to bigger and better things.
Thank you for this.

I’ll let you know my progress on how this goes.

Alright cool! I tried it and it worked on my end good. I am hoping I understood what you needed and I was able to help! Let me know how the progress goes!

Built my own Menu Data set, and setup my conditional on the LINK ITEM to search for the slug, if it was there, changed the color.


And Result:


Well cool! I am glad I was a help and you’re able to learn something today. Let me know if you are in any more assistance! Thanks for allowing me to help.