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Talent wanted to customize Uber Eats like template Eaty

I just bought the template Eaty built by Zeroquode. Would anyone like to do customization for me? See the template: Eaty - Food Delivery like Uber Eats | No-Code Template by Zeroqode


  1. allow the vendors to add/edit categories and subcategories
  2. customer user experience can browse product by category and subcategory on vendor pages like instacart or Uber Eats Grocery
  3. quick add to cart
  4. allow vendors bulk upload products in CSV and product images
  5. allow vendor select a permanent driver and all his delivery requests sent to this driver rather than a randow driver nearby
  6. allow the vendor to print order and shipping labels with barcode or QR code
  7. generate Manifest for the driver, driver confirm/edit ETA and ETA notification sent to the customer
  8. driver can scan barcode or QR code and order status updated

Need it done ASAP!

Please contact [email protected] should you have any interest or questions

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Hi @zhu0557

I would be happy to help you, can you write me an email to [email protected] ?

Email sent to you

Great let’s discuss!

Hi, pls send me the link to the end product of this. I want to see what it looks like.