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Edit member of expression without removing rest of it

See screenshot:

I’m CTRL+dragging the first group that hosts an Organizer checkbox and star rating to make more of those and adapt to use for other Team Member Roles

However, when I edit a part of the expression for the checkbox to select another Role, it kills the rest of that expression towards the right (after the point I changed). This is not obvious, since I can still see that right part even when the popup is open, but when I do the edit it will disappear. This makes me have to reenter the rest of the expression again and again and in some cases the expression can be some longer calculation which is tiring and errorprone to reenter (instead of just picking some members and keeping the expression skeleton as it was)

  1. In my opinion when the popup opens it should hide the rest of the expression to the right to make you understand it’s going to get remove if you select something (even selecting the same thing as before should remove the part to the right for consistency btw and easier way of trimming long expressions that currently need DEL key lots of times to make smaller). Only if you press ESC to cancel the edit it should restore the expression as it was (with the part to the right)

  2. I’d like to have a mode where say I shift+click an expression member and then it keeps the part to the right visible and ALSO keeps it after the change of that member. If the rest of the expression is invalid (say I selected something that doesn’t have the member listed at the right of it) it could become red

  3. at [2] above, it could even go as far as showing only items to pick that are compatible with both the left and the right parts of the existing expression. That is when I edit the “AsOrganizer” it should only show “AsReporter”, “AsHelper” etc. that all have an “is not empty” (that is the subexpression on the right of the part I want to edit). That would be way more helpful since I see fewer options there to pick and can’t generate an invalid expression.

Probably [2] and [3] could even be the default behaviour (and have maybe SHIFT+click for the old one)

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