How do I delete expressions from a group of expressions?

Hi Guys,

I have had this issue so many times and it’s tedious to have to rewrite everything because I cannot delete one expression from a group of expressions.

In the “only when’” I have many expressions like this

I have tried clicking on that particular expression and used the delete button and backspace button, but I can’t delete it. So i have to rewrite everywhere in my whole application, and I have used it in many places.

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I hear you!

I do not think it is possible.

What I opted to do is to have yes/no groups in a hidden popup and name them along the lines of the condition that I am dealing with. Build the longer expressions there and use them where needed on the rest of the page.

name of the group: var - is the thing empty?
“long” condition: current user role is app admin and count of things is zero and page name is admin
group type: yes/no
group data source expression: search for things :count is 0 and current user’s role is app admin and page name is admin

Then I use “var - is the thing empty?” in the actual place I need it (an action or element)

It helps me with understanding the logic in a much easier way and I just “shrunk” the long-composite expression.

And it helps with having to go back to edit all those long conditions when a major change is happening in the app. Those long conditions are now shorter and thus editable in an easier way.

Hope the above makes sense :grinning:


Hello @lancegerarrd, @cmarchan

There is actually a way if you understand its usage and set up the logic properly.

I just shared a tip I shared on Twitter here as well.

Please take a look.



Great stuff! :+1:t2:

Will take getting my mind going in that direction though.

From the onset I must say that not seeing the conditions until you click on them one by one may prove challenging.

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You’re right, but it’s harder to delete and recreate them all. I should point out that it is a bit more difficult to do this with inputs instead of text.


It is a creative approach.

When :format as text came about it brought a big grin to many folks precisely because it is easier to write logic rather than super long find/replaces.

But heck … many times it is just about getting used to things.

Thanks for the tip!

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