Edit Repeating Group to Show Items Specific to Its Page

Hi, I have a repeating group that needs to show the items specific to the page the repeating group is on. Right now, my repeating group shows all items within the DB.

The idea is to have a list of stores (data type: stores) and each store has store items (data type: stores_products), which can be added by the store owner.

Front end:

Back end:

  1. Repeating group set up:

  2. Workflow to ‘Create New Product’

2b. Workflow to Update the Page Store

I think my issue is has to be with the design of my repeating group, because all inputs the user sends are being processed into the DB, i just can’t seem to filter items to show up on the page it was created on instead of all other pages.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

@sydneyng welcome to the community!

dB structure

Thing 1
Title (text)
Things 2 (list of things 2)

Thing 2
Title (text)
Thing 1 (thing 1)

Thing 1 could be the business
Thing 2 could be a store of the business

User 1
Name (text)
Business (thing 1)


Page 1
Does not need to have a type of content
For this example holds a table with a list of the stores of the business

Page 2
Type of content: store
All other UI elements show the details about the store

User story

When current user (let’s say … the owner of the business) clicks on a row of the table on page 1, that action should take him/her to page 2 where the details of that one store can be seen.


Table on page 1: data source in repeating group is search for things 2 where business equals the user’s business

Inside the repeating group a group called “row thing 2” exists of type thing 2 and data source “current cell thing 2”

Inside the above group a text element has an expression that says “parent group thing 2’ title”

When “row thing 2” is clicked an action go to page 2 with data to send “parent group thing 2” sends the user to page 2 of the app

On arrival page 2 has the object thing 2 to feed the assorted groups, text elements, etc etc that display the info about thing 2

Below a video walkthrough depicting most of the above concepts. Just replace in your mind what in the video is the opening of a popup with what is laid out above where a table row is clicked and the user navigates to another page … which is page 2.

Hope this all makes some sense and acts a as a frame of reference for your build :grinning:

Hi @cmarchan,

Thanks for your response, that was really helpful and helped me solve my issue!
I followed the instructions on the video and the only part that I can’t seem to do correctly now, is to have my list show each new item on a separate line.

Right now, this is the current UI:

The workflow of the ‘Add’ button:

Here’s what the stores’ data type is looks like:

I’m not sure why this repeating group’s list of values is placing all line items on one line, as you can see in the first picture of this response.


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I am sure you will figure it out :grinning:

Best of luck with your project!

Hey @cmarchan!

Thanks for having me think through the issue rather than just writing me out the steps :slight_smile:. I found out that I needed to separate the list of items from the input list of ‘Item Name’, ‘Duration’, and ‘Price’.

The list shows exactly like it does in the video, thank you so much!

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