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Editing field "List (multiple entires)" in database

Hi! Maybe someone know how can I editing field type “List (multiple entires)” in database? I need to add some things to App Data (Dev mode).

We don’t support this in the admin panel, but you can build your own simple admin page in your app.

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The other thing you can do is use the upload tool (If you can get your data in a specific format):

In this (kind of silly) example I have two types of things:

Phone Number which has one field : Number


Contact which has three fields: First Name (text), Last Name (text) and Phone Numbers (list of Phone Number)

Uploading the Phone numbers is straightforward:

The contact upload is a bit trickier: It wants me to choose a lookup for the list and a delimiter (use a different delimter than your “outer” delimiter (ie, don’t use commas to delimit the contact fields and use a comma to delimit the different phone numbers in their list of phone numbers, use a tab or in this case a | symbol)

I made a page to confirm that everything uploaded correctly

This is a silly example, as mentioned, but in your case yours makes much more sense. You can upload a list of countries and then upload a list of courses and do the country lookup based on something like country name. Again, it is all based on you being able to get your list field to look like : [item1 | item2 | item3…]


Thank you!

I’m curious why if Bubble is built using Bubble, and any random user can easily build an admin page that edits list fields, then why isn’t it easy for the admin to add that feature to the official panel?

Bubble’s web app, account management is built on Bubble, but not the editor.

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