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Why is the List field blank in the Bubble Database?

I created a field called ‘List of Cities’ and ticked the checkbox to create it as a list.

But when I go to add my list to the table, it displays blank and there is no way to add the list.

How do I add eg. ‘Colorado, New York’ as values for a field?

In my experience I have not been able to modify a list in the Bubble data viewer. Once a list is created, you’ll be able to view a comma-delimited list. When I need to construct a list of things or new data in general, I always start by building a single page Admin dashboard where all things can be modified by users with super admin permissions. On that dashboard are repeating groups of all things that are lists. It’s very handy because sometimes you’d like one list of data to be displayed as a repeating group inside another repeating group (nested) in order to easily edit lists inside lists. I’d say it’s good practice overall to have an administrative area where you can control data app-wide when logged in versus relying on making edits in the data viewer.

Thanks for your reply.

I can neither create nor modify lists in the Bubble Database.

So to create I need to upload a csv with a list - which from memory from another topic needs to be in format
eg. dogs,[[German Shepard;Pug]], cats

and to modify you recommend creating an admin specific area that has input fields and the list displayed. And when I want to modify the list, I can modify it by entering in the new data in the input fields? Is that right?

I don’t get what you mean by ‘sometimes you’d like one list of data to be displayed as a repeating group inside another repeating group (nested) in order to easily edit lists inside lists’

can you give an actual example of this for us?

Do you mean something like



You don’t add items to a list in the database entries. You add them in the Design mode: for example

To anyone looking for the actual answer for how you add and update fields that have lists in them, this is what I discovered:

  1. You cannot create or update a list in the Data screen
  2. To create you can upload via csv once (but you can’t update via csv after that as it will duplicate the data in the table, not overwrite it).
  3. The format for the CSV is as follows. If I have 3 fields to upload - Dogs, Cats, Horses and my Cats field has 2 breeds in it, Devon Rex and Siamese then my csv will look like:

Dogs, Cats, Horses
Doberman, [Devon Rex; Siamese], Clydsdale

  1. To update a list in your table you have to create an admin page (yes, kind of weird if you are the only person looking after the app).
  2. On the admin page:
  3. If your table was called ‘Pets’ then you would have a repeating group that is: Type of content : Pets, Data Source: Search for Pets
  4. Inside the repeating group add an input field with Initial Content: Current Cell’s Pet’s Cats, Content Format: Text
  5. Add an update button. The workflow for the update button is 'When update button clicked:
    Thing to Change = Current Cell’s Pets
    Change another field = Cats clear list
    Change another field = Cats add Input Pet’s Cat’s Value
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