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Editing Individual Texts in a List of Text

Hey All,

I am trying to edit Individual texts in a list of texts, for my specific situation the list of texts is Gift Card Codes.

I am displaying the list of texts into repeating group, with the current cells text being displayed as the initial content in an input form. What I am stuck on is saving the new updated input as the updated text in the list of texts, or just creating a new list of texts from these inputs that i can overwrite my list with, however one may go about it.

Hopefully these screenshot help provide some clarification.

Thanks in advance for any help with a solutio!

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Enable auto binding and show the “List of Text” in a Repeating group with “Input” element, So any changes you make is saved instantly


I can’t seem to get that to work either. When the repeating group is set to “list of texts”, then you click “Autobind to parent group’s thing” it tries to edit the “list of text” which is incompatible. Is there a way to Autobind it to “Current Cell’s thing” so that it only edits the single text??

Autobind itself defined to edit “Current Cell’s thing” - Try changing your format or put a screenshot here to discuss further

There must be something I’m missing… When I click auto bind it doesn’t give me any options for what to bind it to, it just says the parent element is not modifiable i would assume because the input is for “text” and the parent type is “list of texts” for the repeating groups.

Here’s some screenshots for clarification. The first is highlighting the input line in the cell, the second is highlighting the group of repeating cells.

So i guess the fix from here is either a way to bind the input to the current cells text, or extract the texts from the input and create a new list,

Yes, its not possible…Since its bubble there is always a workaround :slight_smile:. Follow the steps below
Make 2 Repeating Groups (You can keep the outer one as transparenet i.e no color) so no one can see it - Outer group will point to “Search for Data Type” image
Inner group - RG002 will search the List of Text within the First cell (In your case Gift cards)image
Inside the RG002 (Inner group) keep 2 Inputbox (Red for holding the original text in hiddent/disabled mode) green for changing the values image
Red & Green must show the same value by default as this - image
Now here is the diversion -Goto workflow and make this

INX Changed is the field where you want to Edit the Gift Card Number
Once the gift card is changed, Workflow will be triggered and will delete old value & put new value in its place

Hope this solves the issues…
Happy Bubbling


You’re a genius. Thanks so much melon!

Hey so I think I found a better way here. And much easier, if this is what you were looking for.

So setup for my DB is user and has a field of Responsibilities that is a list of text.

I needed to edit that list while still maintaining the order of it.

So I have and RG on page that has list of txt


I have a workflow on “When input is changed”

They key is the find and replace:

Works perfectly and only one workflow


There’s an easier way to do this without needing a second repeting group and in a single worflow step.

  • Create your repeating group as you did (just the one that shows you the list), set the data source to the list of texts from whichever Thing you have this list added to.

  • Add an INPUT to the RG cell, don’t check autobind (just like above)

  • Create a Workflow for “When Input Changed” (just like above)

  • Now in the workflow add a “Make Changes to a Thing”. The trick is to find the item # on the list to remove the old item and replace with the Input value. Like this:


Hope this helps others!


I was struggling with the same issue. I think this is the best and cleanest way. Also it maintains the positioning of the text as per the original. :+1:

I liked this but this one makes the all same text related

Hi ,
I’m stuck in a similar but with some particularities, I have to edit a list of text which is “split by” in a RG, which is itself inside another RG ?

I tried the worflow of @razvan but I can’t select my multiline input inside the child-RG and not even the child-RG in the parent RG, in the workflow “Do when” !

here are my 3 elements from the Parents RG, child RG to multiline input:

Any idea?