Data type with field that is List of text items

How do I display and edit/add/delete items from the list?

I’ve tried a RepeatingGroup and I’m tried assigning the field to a multi-line input.

Neither will allow auto-bind.

emphasized text

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What do you mean by change?
That is, add a new item to the list or remove it from it?
Do you want to change the value of one of the items in the list?

In UX. Yes, change, add, and delete items in the list

Considering that this list contains text, it is not possible to change, for example, the text of item 3, unless the items themselves are custom data types.

To add and delete, you can easily do this by “changing things in the database” with Add and Remove.
But note that, it’s possible to add new item at the end of list.
If you want add it between them, it’s a little tricky

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