Editing multiple elements at the same time doesn't work, should it?

If I hold down shift or command and select multiple elements, like say 5 text fields, or 5 dropdowns, is it not possible to edit their height, width, style etc all at once? When I select them all the inspector window shows these adjustments, but when you pick one nothing happens.
I just selected 3 text fields, and then selected height 30 for them all, but they all just stay at 34. Same with styles, I selected multiple of them, picked my style from the dropdown and it just ignores it.

I just find this confusing as when you select multiple elements most of the settings disappear with only a few remaining, like style, width, height and so on, so I’d assume that meant I could mass edit them.

It’s true that you can only edit basic settings when multiple items are selected. I suspect (because I’ve done it countless times myself), that you may have forgotten to click this button:


Does that explain it? Or still not working?

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Aha yes that must be it thank you so much! This is going to save so much time lol was driving me crazy having to change things one at a time.

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I am using the New Responsive Engine and cannot edit multiple elements at the same time. I dont see the
Am I doing something wrong?

Elements may have to be of the same type,like say 5 texts, or 5 dropdowns.