Manipulating multiple objects at the same time

Hi everyone,

I come from using FileMaker mostly but had a few questions on if this is possible in Bubble as it’s things I miss from FileMaker. One thing is in FileMaker you can hold down shift or ctrl and select say 5 different text input fields, and then edit their height, width, etc and it applies to ALL the objects. When I do this in bubble, changing the value for height etc doesn’t do anything. If they are all currently the same height but a different width, the width field is blank as expected and height shows their height. If I change either, nothing happens. Same goes for if I want to apply a style to multiple objects. If I highlight multiple of the same type, like an input box or text field, I can’t just apply the style all at once to them as nothing happens when you do it.

The second one is locking objects together. So in FileMaker if you have a text field and then an input field (such as Company Name as the text and then an input field to type in the company name), you can highlight both, and select lock objects, and it locks them both together. If I then click and drag either, both of them move. I know I can do groups with bubble but it’s not really the same thing. FileMaker I can highlight multiple objects together, lock them, move them all around together at any time, and then easily just right click and unlock them.

Just wondering if either is possible as they are huge time savers. Thanks!

I only know of style in bubble. If you edit a style, all elements using that style will change.

Thanks yeah that works, but if I wanted to change the style on 10 different items to a different one, it seems like you can’t just click 10 items and pick a style from the dropdown and apply it to all 10 items.