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[New Feature] Editing multiple elements


We just added the ability to edit more than one element at once in the editor, which will help maintaining larger apps. For instance, to change 3 buttons and make them follow the same style, have the same width, etc.

You can do this by pressing ‘Shift’ in the editor and clicking on several elements. You can also do this from the Search Palette. You’ll see a button above the search results and you’ll be able to modify the elements.

One thing to note is that, for safety measures, you’ll have to click ‘Apply changes’ to make the changes real. And you can undo/redo changes as usual.


This is very helpful !! Thanks Emmanuel


I was just trying to do it yesterday (edit more than one element at the same time), glad it came so fast :slight_smile:

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Love it thanks, this will save a lot of time

So helpful in aligning things. Thanks!


maybe also have Shift+Drag to select all controls that are inside the selection rectangle? (some UI editors even select those that just overap with the UI rectangle, even if it doesn’t cover them totally - probably they do this to avoid scrolling in big views, but might trigger accidental selections if controls are too intermixed in the layout - so I’d vote for selecting only what is included in the bounds of the shift+drag selection box)

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