Editing templates?

I’m looking at purchasing a template, but I have a few questions:

  1. Will it give me access to ALL elements used, so that I can make modifications when necessary? (e.x groups, shapes, icons, custom states, etc)

  2. Does it come with any sort of test data or example db? For instance, if I’m buying a market place template, will it come with the fields that enable to function?

  3. Will I have access to modify the responsive settings?

I noticed that a lot of templates, are actually functioning. I’m just curious if I can get away with just using the template as is, and maybe making a few teaks such as logo without having to rewrite all the fields to the db.


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Ask the author perhaps?

@keith I suppose I could do that too lol :face_with_monocle:

The general audience here just can’t know the answers to these questions. Templates, such as they are, are pretty funky. Best to ask the template creator.

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Hey @lantzgould here are my answers:

yes, absolutely, everything is modifiable

where it’s critical we enable the db copy on template purchase, so that whatever content is in the demo will get copied to the app when you create it based off that template

yes, absolutely

yes, this is totally possible depending on the use case. The idea was to make all our templates ready to be used out of the box.

Hope this helps

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@levon Thank you for your prompt reply, sir! Hopefully goes well, will purchase now. :slight_smile:

Hi Levon I have purchased “COURSELY” template. There is a problem wiht youtube link. (error 404 or error 400 coming up when I choose youtube video

I am look forward to hear from you and continue my development. Thx!

Hi Elnur,
thanks for your purchase
can you please post on https://forum.zeroqode.com and provide screenshots, URL previews etc so we can help you out?