Editing the Multi-line input toolbar

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know or is willing to help me edit out the toolbar options in the blackbox?

Hey @gregjohnkeegan

A hacky way first comes to mind, in the Bubble Editor create a shape like the following and place over the top of the icons you don’t want clickable. Just need to be sure it matches the responsive side of things and doesn’t overlap or clash.


Lol @luke2 - that is the hackiest of hack I’ve ever seen. :see_no_evil::metal:

Defo looking for a Javascript solution though if anyone has some ideas.

Haha yep its very hacky, it will work, but not an ideal solution for a live site.

You could accomplish with CSS to run in the page header wrapped in style tags e.g. setting a class .sceditor-button-bulletlist to display: none;
But again not ideal really…

Best bet is to run some simple JS on page load to remove it in its entirety.

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Not a full solution (and you likely know about it already), but the Hide advanced editing features gets rids of most of the options you highlighted.

It may be worth pinging AirDev about the Trix editor or one of the other rich text editors?

Yeah I’m using that feature. It’s the email/ links/ calendar icons I want to get rid of. I’ve got around 50 of these inputs in a writing application so the extra icons are a bit of a distraction - will have writers scratching their heads as to why they are there.

Thanks for checking in though.

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