Removing editing options when Rich Text Input is disabled


Would it be possible to provide an option to remove the decorations on the top of a Rich Text Input widget when the input is disabled? There is no purpose of showing those icon bars when none of the icons s/b clickable.

Frankly, all I want is to do is to

  1. display a variable length text with embedded bb-codes
  2. keep the element to a fixed amount of vertical space
  3. show all the text, without cropping it

When the text is larger than the element, I don’t want the element to stretch (this is what a normal text element does) or cut it off either. I want a vertical bar to appear to allow me to scroll.
There are three elements that can let me do this:

TEXT: Meets needs 1 and 3 but stretches when the text is larger
MULTILINE INPUT: Meets 2 and 3 but does not show bb-codes as expected
RICH TEXT INPUT: Meets all three BUT it shows a menu bar of icons that takes a lot of space and adds no value because the input is disabled.

Can some options be added to any of the three elements to meet what I need?
Alternative ideas are welcome!

Many thanks!


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