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Editing Values in workflow based on users input

When manipulating user input in a workflow, I need to edit database values.

For example, if a user selects 0 of something, I need to blank a database cell so I don’t return any results.

Any thoughts?

Can you post an example (in the forum_app, or at least a sceenshot) so that we have a better view of the situation? It’s a bit hard to debug like this.

Sure, when this value is 0

I want to change the charictoristic value

Because I do a search for this characteristic type when I send an order form. That search can return multiple values like this (Malt Flavor Characteristic 1):

and is confusing if there is no value here (Malt Flavor Characteristic 1 Level )

It’s a bit hard to follow. Can we have a bigger picture? Which workflow is running?

Our users complete a form to create customized recipes. They complete this form identifying what they want in a product. When they do not select one of the check boxes, we don’t want to show any of the ingredient options in the end of this process (more to come later).

From these selections, we match the characteristic (Neutral, Clean, Nutty and Sweet in this case) to a database of ingredients in our application.

If they select one or more of these characteristics, we do a search for this characteristic in our table in the creation form we’re sending to our end user to match it to a specific ingredient type:

We provide multiple options to our end user because they may not be able to find a single ingredient. The recipe form for this section looks like this:

As you can see, the quantity of each of these is 0 because the user didn’t say they wanted it in their recipe.

We’d like to not provide any ingredient possibilities if the user doesn’t want any of it because it can be confusing to the end user.

I think the best way to handle something like this is by having a condition on the workflow that is triggered, these conditions checking the values of the checkboxes.

Could you give me a little more detail on how to set a condition on the workflow?

Can you set up the situation in the forum_app and then i can help editing it?

There are a ton of data dependencies in my current app. I’ll setup a sample app and maybe you could edit it to show me?

On the Page roller test page, there is a simple form that populates a data type of order. The key driver I need in my workflow is that a value is populated only if the checkbox is checked.

If the checkbox is checked, I’d like to do a search for a data type of Roller Test for Characteristics. If it’s not, I’d like that value in the order to be empty

How about this?

This works great, thanks!

How would I do it for multiple checkboxes? (I updated

What do you mean? there is only one checkbox per slider…

If I have 8 checkboxes(like in the example) a customer can check or not check on a order form, I’d have to make thousands of events each with their own workflow to capture every possibility. Is it possible to do it in a logical way?

Not thousands, but yes, a few workflows. You might think about it more, maybe checkboxes aren’t the best approach there…