Editor bug - Stray text item in search field


When I try to find an element within editor, I get a rogue text item in the field as illustrated in the attached screenshot. Hope this has been noted by Bubble developers and others and not just affecting my environment.




Hi @kenlaji

This happens when you copy objects and there is no more reference. You can restore things to find out which part is responsible for this.

Thanks @JohnMark. After reloading the editor page things seem to be back to normal.

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I’m having the same problem since days ago :exclamation:

Same here. Not something I’ve seen before.

Another thing that may or may not be related is that the editor no longer auto-selects text when searching for a Data Type, as in the example below. Small, but annoying change that forces an extra click for every search. If I type something, I rarely want to keep the text already there.



We’re pushing a fix, should be live in a few minutes.

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