'...edit me..' text is floating on every page


Weird one, in all my pages, when I test my app in either dev or the live version, I have a weird ‘edit me…’ text on every page that floats (it stays in the same place as I scroll through the pages like the header).
I have searched everywhere in my app and can’t find it on any page. It not in the header either.
Please advise


Hey Alex :slight_smile: This happens to me sometimes too. In the element search, when you type in ‘Text’ are there any "Text A’ ‘Text B’ ‘Text C’ (etc.) elements on the page? If you can share a link to the editor I’d be happy to take a look!

so i searched for all the text and can’t find any with it
why would it appear on pages without it?

how do i give a link to the editor btw

Did you check all reusable elements as well? It may be hiding there, and ‘off’ the element in X, Y, coordinates, but still showing up on the pages where the reusable element is?

To share a link to the editor, you can go to Settings --> General --> Application Rights --> Everyone Can Edit (or View). Then copy the URL while viewing your app in the editor and paste here.

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https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=pre-emption_rights_input&id=npmv4&tab=tabs-1 does this work?

i got it! it was in the header thanks!

Awesome! :slight_smile: No problem!

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