Editor Page shows data but when Previewed it does not show the data on the editor

I can’t seem to get the data to show on the preview page. Can someone help me with this because it is annoying, and I am sure it may be something in the setting I did not check off possibly.



Hi there, @roneil.boodie… I’m not sure what you mean when you say the editor page shows data. The editor shows the elements that display the data, but that doesn’t mean there is any data to display.

Assuming you have things in your Job Post data type (i.e., on the Data >> App data tab), then a couple of things come to mind. Are you running the preview as a particular user by clicking the Run as link beside a user’s record (again, on the Data >> App data tab)? If so, are there any privacy rules on the User data type that would prohibit the data from being shown for one reason or another?

Again, those are just a couple of things that come to mind based on the info you provided… hope this helps.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response. I was actually trying to not use the User data. I am trying to use a general or ‘Cell User’ data. I have data in my Job Post data type. I had signed in as a user then signed out but it still is not displaying the data types I have in Job Post.

I assume the repeating group’s data source is a search for job posts with no constraints on the search? Do you have any privacy rules on the Job Post data type?

I am not sure if I do. I’ll have to check. It is a search for job posts with no constraints.

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