Efficient Duplicate Website Handling for Database: Need Help with Data Migration

I am creating an search engine optimization database website where I will be storing all the website URLs submitted by vendors in my database and display it in a repeating group in a page where I can add various other details to it, If two vendors upload the same website URL more than one time. The DA, Spam Score, Niche, Traffic and Geo Traffic which we’ve entered for the same website earlier must be reflected into this newly uploaded website too, instead of me feeding in the same details for the same website the second time. This saves time. I don’t know how to approach this task, I tried using :unique function, but it’s only eliminates the duplicates, If someone can help me in sorting this out, It’ll be very helpful for me, Thanks in Advance.

Do a search for the data type with that website URL

If first item is not empty, display that Thing on your page or whatever to prefill the inputs.

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Yes, but after I do a search for that particular website URL in the database, and a match is found, how do I copy the DA, Spam Score, etc from the existing Web URL in the database to the new Website URL which is uploaded recently in the database!?

You shouldn’t have created the duplicate website URL.

Let’s say I upload ‘google.com’ as an example to a data type Website that contains a URL field (text).

Now let’s say I try to upload ‘google.com’ again. In the workflow that creates the thing, you should Search for Websites where url = google.com. If there is a database entry with that URL, don’t create a new entry. Instead, just update the existing entry. Does that make sense?

If you really need to create another identical entry, you can use the ‘Copy a list of things’ action and duplicate the existing entry.

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No, I need to add the same google.com again to my database as the person who is uploading the same google.com again is different, so I need to keep track of that in my database, so that’s the complication, if both website URLs are same then I need to copy paste the corresponding details from the existing website URL to the newly added URL.

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Then ‘Copy a list of things’ Search for Website (with URL constraint):first item:converted to a list :slight_smile:

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Could you kindly explain the functionality of this expression? Additionally, there is the matter of uploading website URLs not one at a time, but rather as a list within a CSV file. Each URL from the newly uploaded CSV file needs to be compared to the existing domain URLs in the database. If a match is found, the corresponding details from the existing website URL must be seamlessly copied and pasted to the newly added URL. This process should be executed within a loop. It involves checking the first website URL from the newly uploaded CSV file and cross-referencing it with the existing domain URLs in the database. In the event of a match, the relevant details from the existing website URL should be copied and pasted into the newly added URL. Subsequently, the process should advance to the next URL in the newly added database. If no match is found, it should proceed directly to the next URL, which must also be checked for similarity.

It searches for a Thing where the URL is the URL that the user has uploaded

It then takes the first result of that search, and converts it to a list (for the action).

The action ‘copy a list of things’ then duplicates exactly the Thing that you found

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Kindly read my previous response again, I’ve edited it now!

You’ve actually just described exactly what you need to do using conditions on the copy a list of things action and scheduling a recursive workflow

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:joy: Yes exactly, I am clear with the logic, but I am struggling with the execution part, help me with the execution part with a sample expression please, It’ll be very helpful for me!

Thank you.

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