Element font attributes not responding to conditional formatting

hey, support asked me to submit a bug report but i thought i would reach out here as well. text element respond to conditional formating of font attributes, color, font-size, bold, etc. but font-families do not respond. it worked the other day then stopped.
i attached a screen grab if anyone wants to take a look. thx

heres the editor…

heres a link to the screen grab

Hey @jmadarieta :slight_smile: Just wanted to say that I tested it in preview mode, and I think it looks like a bug as well. In the editor, when temporarily turning the conditional formatting conditions ‘on’, the font changes as expected:

But only the color is changed in preview mode:

(I’m using Google Chrome on a Mac)

hi @fayewatson thanks for taking a look. yes, i had forgotten to mention that turning the condition on would affect the font. so, i submitted a bug report and i can go back to writing the rest of my app, secure in the knowledge that i am not losing my mind. thx again

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