Background color in conditional formatting

From a couple of days ago it’s not possible to set variable data for the background color field when condidional formatting.
But you can set it normally in the main Appearance tab.

I had the issue recently too and it will not be going away as it is expected behavior now.

Bubble made some change last week to cause this.

For me, the explanation was that since I was using a style which had a property overridden, my style conditions will not function and I would need to add the condition onto the element.

The issue for me affected background color. Style used blue, conditional in style made it grey, the element overridden style by changing background color to red.

Instead of having to do the none sensical thing and add a condition to element, I just made a new style with background color of red, and my condition in style once again worked.

Yeah, what @boston85719 said.

Here’s the announcement. It was introduced in Bubble version 26, so you can roll back if you need to fix things up before deploying.

Thanks for your answer.
But I don’t understand why, if it’s not able to use variable data when condidional formatting, Bubble editor has the text “+ Add dynamic data” beneath the Background color field.

Thanks, Sudsy.
This announcement refers to when a condition is applied and when no, but what I want is to use variable data in condidional formatting

Oh, ok. I just tried it out and had no problem, although I did use Arbitrary text to enter the expression.

When I do this…


…I’m able to do the following…

Am I still misunderstanding the issue?

HAHAHAHAHA :rofl: please don’t ask me to explain illogical decisions made by other people…I just reported what happened and why; I didn’t make it that way.

I’ve reported lots of Bugs to Bubble to be told they are ‘intended behavior’ and despite my best efforts to use logic to explain why some things are a Bug and nobody should consider the behaviors as expected behaviors, they still do not budge on the idea that they are ‘intended behavior’.

I suppose I am now…seeing your comments and re-reading the original post it seems like my comments were for a completely different topic.

One thing of note, is that we have never been able to use dynamic expressions in the color sections for any elements when setting a style, but have always been able to use dynamic expressions for color sections of elements on the element itself.

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Useful tip, Sudsy.
I believe that you are in a different editor version than me. I can use the background color field only with fixed values (picked from color selector if you want). And I don’t see in your image the text “+ Add dynamic data” beneath the Background color field.

It doesn’t matter, I’m using the Background color field at the Appearance tab with variable fields.

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