Element is Visible Condition for Mobile Menu Help

Hello all!

I’m trying to build my reusable Floating Group main nav to show a hamburger menu at X page width. I’m able to hide things properly using the element is visible condition, but does that only trigger it’s display? You can see in my video here that the menu icon bounces around because the main nav groups are technically still there.

Video Here

Is there something I need to adjust or is there a better way to structure what I need here? Thanks!

Are you using the new responsive beta? Are you hiding the buttons or the container they are nested in?

Hey @rmoffett yes I’m using the responsive beta. I’m hiding the groups that the icon + text is in for each individual main nav link, I’m not hiding the container that all 4 groups + the mobile nav icon are in.

From the video it looks as if the container are still visible. They also appear to be a fixed width instead of a percentage of its parent container.

did you check “collapse when hidden”?
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-29 at 11.57.20