A groupe item won't disapear when current page width <= 640

I am trying to make a nav bar disapear when its on mobile, I tried to create a condition with current page width <= 760 but it didn’t work, I tried also to do the same with all element of the group and it didn’t work, any suggestion?

Show us how do you manage to hide group in your conditionals

Screenshot 2024-01-23 164208
i did the same condition to all group A element

when I click f12 on previews and refresh the page it doesn’t disapear

Best approach for making things visible or hidden based on conditions is to make the element NOT visible on page load, and make your conditional such that it becomes visible when it should be, so for your example, your condition should be when current page width is greater than Mobile Landscape this element is visible is yes.

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it worked thank you very much!!!