Menu (floating group) covers inputs. help!

Hello everyone again!

I created the menu (reusable element, floating group)
But it covers everything underneath it, makes it unusable

How do I do it the right way?

Thank you so much for help!!!

I am really frustrated as can’t figure out what to do.


Screenshot is when on mobile

hide it when you want it to not be visible and show it when it is needed.

Maybe add a hamburger menu to do the hiding and showing

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You have the close icon prominent there so now you need to give it function :grinning:

setup a page custom state and call it mobilemenuvisible? of type yes/no … set it to default “no”

set the fg to be not visible

set two fg conditions. one to be visible when mobilemenuvisible is “yes” and another one to not be visible when it is “no”

set two workflows when clicking the close icon (the “X”) with a condition in each. the first one with a condition when mobilemenuvisible is “yes” and the second one on the second workflow to when mobilemenuvisible is “no”

for the first workflow’s action find the action that says “set custom state” and set the custom state of the page… guess which one? … the only one we established which is mobilemenuvisible to be “no”

set the second workflow’s action to set it to “yes”

This should do the trick :+1:t2:

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i did it yay!

I managed to do it with states, showed the screens above

this menu took me longer than i thought haha

thank you for help

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