Element not responding to condition

I am trying to have two groups of elements show or hide depending on the user’s selection of a radio button. I have one element group working but the other is not. Below I’m showing the radio button options and the two sets of conditions. Any help on what I’m doing incorrectly?

Radio Buttons
radio buttons

Working condition
working condition

Non-working condition
not working condition

This looks correct to me at first glance assuming you want this to cause the elements to hide. …if you want them to show, instead, then you need to check the box next to “This element is visible.”

If that’s not the solution, then I recommend breaking the problem into pieces. For example, add a text field to display whether, say, RadioButtons RevFreq’s value doesn’t contain “at End”.

Best of luck!

Doesn’t appear to be anything wrong.

Is there another element using this condition that would prevent this from working? I had a condition not work last week and it ended up being something really simple, I think it was because I had an existing hide rule set in the Responsive tab that I had forgotten about - maybe check that.

Thank you for the replies. I just got back to this and realized something new. I have these two elements one on top of the other because some of the elements in the group will be the same and I didn’t want them to appear to jump around on the screen. In order to do some troubleshooting, I moved one of the elements slightly to the left so that I could more easily select them. Then the whole thing worked exactly as I would have expected, no other changes. If I keep them just slightly offset from one another, it works perfectly - except that the screen does appear to jump. If they are placed in the identical spot, one of the two will now show as expected. To just move on, I’ve redesigned the interface so that I don’t need to make these changes at all. Hoping I don’t come across this again, but in the event I do, any suggestions about why their placement on the screen mattered? This newbie really appreciates the help!

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