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Why are these groups not collapsing?

Hi guys,
I have applied a current width < 600 condition that makes both of the coloured boxes invisible. I have also ticked the box about collapsing their height but it makes no difference. They disappear but do no collapse. What is going on here?

where did you apply the condition and could you share the group option?

I applied the condition to each of the coloured groups in the picture above.
Is this the option you need? Both groups are the same.

thiselement is visible on the page load that’s your problem

How is that the problem? I need them to be visible to collapse them…

you make them visible with a condition…the collapsing option works only when the element is not visible …you can not have load this element on page and at the same time collapsing the element when hidden …one option will exclude the other one
in your case you unclick the option element visible on page load and you put a condition on the element when current page with is grater than 600 this element is visible

Got it, thank you. I can see that it works in my browser, but the collapsing functionality doesn’t seem to show in the responsive window, any idea how to make it work here?

the responsive tab is not the best sometimes it works others not try to reload the page it may help