Element Properties - Anything in DOM searchable in Bubble Editor?

Hey friends. Is anyone aware of any element properties available in my app’s DOM that are actually searchable in the bubble editor?

My use case: User’s can right-click and report a bug, and I would like to pass a searchable property from the element they clicked on to their ticket that will help us more easily identify where their problem is.

I know i can get the element ID on a right click event using js. problem is:
A) I don’t think there’s a way to search in the bubble application editor by element ID
B) Even if there were, my app has thousands of elements with undefined IDs, and I cannot go back and rename them all.

I guess I (foolishly) assumed that the element name attribute within the DOM would be set to the name I gave it in bubbleb, that way i could easily find it in the element tree. But it turns out every element name is null.

Any ideas? Or am I fresh out of luck?

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