New useful undocumented patches, community feedback, etc

Hi forums,

ever since the announcement of the new elements tree there’s been a lot of great improvements to the UX of building in the editor. However, it’s been a bumpy ride. Several users (including myself) reported bugs and broken features. One of those bugs was that reveal in elements tree broke (stopped doing anything).

  • Today, I noticed they removed the reveal in elements tree button from the right click context menu. Instead, every time you click on an element it performs a reveal in elements tree action is performed (the reveal button still appears at the bottom of element properties though) ! I like this change actually, I believe that anytime a developer is working on something in the frontend they should use the elements tree to organize page structure and never drag & drop elements on the page. This change encourages the use of the tree, which is a great change. Agree or disagree?

  • The team also listened and shrunk the spacing of elements in the elements tree. I don’t know if this was the case before, but we can resize the panel to our preferred width. Thinking about it more, if we want bubble to work on more devices, it might be useful to have a UI section in the app settings to adjust font size or margins / paddings. This might make developing on smaller tablets or laptops possible. What do you think, are people interested in personalizing their editor?

I am happy that the bubble team listened to feedback and fixed the issues! Yay, thank you for your hard work developers! Anyone notice anything else? What are the changes that people want to see? Curious


Something else I noticed… the tree allows renaming of all elements, but for table cells renaming an element does nothing:

after clicking away:

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I think it’s less egregious than before, but still requires me to go out of my way to make simple changes.

double tapping should always toggle visibility. I’m not the best at naming my elements, but rarely do I ever need to rename them after the first time I create it.

I do however, need to constantly hide and unhide elements that interact with each other & the page.

Moreover, it’s annoying having to click on the tiny eyelash every single time im looking to make something visible.

I also have no clue what the dotted square next to the leftside arrow is supposed to be used for.

It doesn’t do anything on click, and just feels like visual clutter.

bubble is trending in the right direction with trying to modernize archaic parts of the builder, however, as always, I wish we would’ve been given a choice.

I think it’ll prolly take another month before they really get it right, but it is what it is

This is the icon for groups. If you double click on it, it show the edit element box (if the edit box is hidden).

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waste of space honestly. should replace the “double click to rename” workflow.