Element size based on screen size?

Trying to figure out how to make the group the same size as my display but it is responsive to all displays based on the user.

I want the Grey group to be attached to the right side and top and bottom, I want the page to be scrollable but the group to stay where it is. If that makes sense.

Floating group with the same height of the page with the setting to float relative to the left and vertically to both. Make sure that it’s top and bottom borders touch the pages top and bottom borders.

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you will need to use CSS to get the element height equal to the device browser height…there is a plugin that is free called classify that can give you ability to add a class to an element for purposes of CSS as well as a free plugin called Browser to give the browser height, although it needs to be set on page load…another is free plugin called page height that will update the page height without being set on page load.

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