Element that searches but also give the option to add new

So for example a user fills a form which creates a new record (Item) and the user needs to specify (Assign) an employee (or employees) from a predefined list of employees, so i need an element where the user starts typing, and the list of employees shows up based on user input, and if ther’s none, the user has the option to add that employees to the Employee list, and then add the newly entered employee to the form.

Any element that can pull this off, or any third party template that has such a block?

Hi there, this video may be worth your time:

It utilizies the Multiselect Dropdown, which is available as a free plugin by Bubble themselves (I’m not sure why it isn’t included as a standard element):

Here’s Bubble’s manual on it:


Multiselect Dropdown

And here’s a helpful page on setting it up:


Multiselect Dropdown in Bubble.io : step by step guide (for free) - Nocodable

Learn how to create Multiselect dropdown in Bubble.io for free with and without plugins.

Maybe this would help, you can have the search box make a thing if it doesn’t exist :blush: