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Element visible based on RG position

Hey folks. I’ve got an RG that can be quite long, so I’ve set it to ext scroll. But I want to give the users a visual cue that there is more data, and scrolling is necessary. Looks like this:

But I only want the icon to display if there are more items in the RG – once it has reached the end, I’d like it to disappear. I’m looking for various conditions, but can’t find anything. Anybody have any ideas?

Hi there, @steve18… seems like this thread might get you down a good path… check it out.


Thanks Mike…but that doesn’t quite do what I need. I want the icon to be visible if it’s not the end of the RG, not if it is the end of the RG.

Anybody have an idea?

My bad, @steve18… I actually misunderstood what the solution in that thread was doing.

After trying to come up with a native solution and hitting a bunch of dead ends, I’m wondering if this plugin might do the trick…

If it can determine a repeating group’s scrolling position percentage, you could probably set a custom state when the percentage is 100, and then you could use the custom state to hide the icon.

Anyway, if you hadn’t already come across this plugin, I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there for you to consider.


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