Idea: Add option for RG is fully loaded (for extended vertical scrolling)

It’d be nice if extended vertical scrolling RG’s had a parameter to indicate when the full list of things had been loaded (and no more will be displayed even if the user scrolls).

Currently, we’re using calculations to figure out when this is true, but that’s not particularly performant.


Hey @sridharan.s, this is already available to you, is it not? The cell in the RG knows this (it is the last item if current cell’s index is the source list’s count).

(Your point might be that to know this we must inspect :count and that may not be performant for large lists?)

I’m looking to reference this from outside the list and, yeah, I’m doing a search: count to see if it’s the same as the list.

I’ve found doing a search is “okay” but doesn’t work well if the data source is dynamic (because then I need to reference all of the same searches with my search: count) and it’s also never all that performant for the end user. There’s also an edge case that when time is a condition within the search (e.g., event end-time > current time) then Bubble seems to re-run the search every second which is very taxing and not particularly viable.

I’ve listed this as an idea simply because if Bubble exposed this as an option it’d be materially easier to implement and more performant too. Just a nice to have / added convenience factor.


Good points. Yeah, seems a “last item loaded” flag would be helpful.