Group to image plugin

Any one test "group to image " plugins and works successfully ?

I tried almost all the plugins in the market and none of these plugins work! The image downloaded with empty “white” background and some icons not display in the image!

Appreciate any help ,i really need this plugin for my application
Thanks all

Hi @ciscotreasure - I’ve used this plugin in 2 apps and it works perfectly, the author is also very responsive.

Minor downside is that SVGs aren’t supported.

Hi @oliviercoolen Thanks for the replay ,i tested these 2 plugins under the same name "group to image " :

The result is : white background / icons and some other elements not display :

You need the Group 2 Image plugin. It’s $25 once or $5/month.

Worth every penny!

Thank you so much ,i tried it ,some how it is butter than other plugins ,it show the background image ,but i don’t know why some icons do not display on the downloaded image !!

Not sure either, maybe it’s bcs some icons arent compatible?

Try other icons first; google material icosn, feather icons etc.

If all of those don’t work, I’d contact the author.

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thank you so much i already did