Elements within RG are not collapsing when Hidden

Hi everyone,

I have an RG, that has “Let’s Say” 5 Elements, I want to keep all of them visible except for one specific element, so I made a Condition, where when the element has a specific field empty it will not be visible, and I tried the reverse of this condition too “Keep everything invisible except when that specific field is not empty”, and I made that element set to “Collapse when hidden”

The issue now is that the element is kind of visible and not visible at the same time, meaning … it is not shown but it is taking the space it was supposed to take if it was visible “Check Fig 01 & Fig 02

What could I be doing wrong?
I need the Main container’s height to adjust to the only shown elements “the ones I want them to be shown” , and yes I made sure that the minimum height of the main container to be 10px only,

Fig 01:

Fig 02:

Additional Screenshots:

Hey @ahmed.khodeir.87 :wave:

Two questions:

  1. Does your repeating group have a fixed number of columns?

  2. Did you already tried to exclude the condition to make your card visible to check it’s behavior? Because if this condition do not exist, your card must be invisible and collapsed.

Hi @rpetribu

Thanks for responding,

  1. My RG doesn’t have a fixed number of columns nor row to make it responsive.
  2. Yes I did, and for exame in one of my trials, I reversed the condition, so I made all the cells that are not supposed to be visible visible and vice versa, and the same behaviour happened, so the two cells that are supposed to be invisible showed up, and the rest of the repeating group was empty spaces, the group didn’t show up but its space was taken.

Can you share your repeating group configuration?
Appearance and Layout tab.

Hi @rpetribu ,

You can’t hide a cell with conditions (that’s not how RGs work)…

The cell exists if it has data (regardless of any visible/non visible elements inside it), and will take up space as defined in your RG settings.

If you don’t want the Thing to be part of the RG just use the correct search constraints instead.

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@adamhholmes I Love you! :sweat_smile: even you just made me feel like a newbie :joy: :sweat_smile:

I just added a very simple filter and voila :star_struck:

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