Hidden Row in RG still has height


I have a RG with one cell containing a group. When I hide the group (set to collapse height when hidden). The row hides as I want but leaves white space with a height of 4px. I’ve used the browser element inspector to look at the generated page and just can’t see where those 4px come from!! Does anyone have any idea or can someone suggest where I might look.

The RG shows students on different courses and I’m using a dropdown to filter out rows based on course ( I can’t / don’t want to do it in the data source of the RG).

If one row gets hidden the effect is not too bad but if say 10 consecutive rows get hidden then there is an ugle gap in the list!

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hi, could you please make a screenshot of your RG?

note collapsing will only work if
a) no groups overlap anywhere in the RG (i.e. are on top of each other)
b) if there is a group that is not collapsing to the left or right of the group you want to collapse.

sometimes stupid things happen e.g. an invisible plugin element like search autocorrect can interfer with collapsing behaviour too.
have a look at your RG in responsive editor and see if you notice any big changes while resizing it.

Here is the full list on initial load

Then with a filter

hi, sorry I mean the RG in your editor not on your preview site.

Ideally also with the constraints of your filter

Maybe something you are showing after you filter is going across 2 lines?

got it … here you go




Hope that shows you the bits you need!!



you need to put the RG within a standard group, then have that group collapse.

I’m also having a similar issue and this doesn’t seem to fix it as my conditions are set per cell’s content.

Have we found a solution?

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