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Eleven Labs + Howler

Hey folks,

I am building my own Eleven Labs and Howler integration to stream audio; I think I’ve figured out the Eleven Labs piece because when I initialize the call, I can see it generate the file which is shown in a URL. However, I don’t know how to proceed from that to get Howler to stream the audio. Can someone help please?

Struggling with same thing. Can’t get Howler to play the sound.

Hi Rod! I figured how to make it work :slight_smile: Here’s what I did:

  1. I used the Eleven Labs stream API (not the standard one); you also need the getvoice one, btw
  2. Then I created a custom state on the page to store the API’s output as “text” (it’s typically a URL for the stream API, the standard one produces a mp3/audio file and bubble currently cannot play an audio file without custom code).
  3. I connected it to a Howler and the input was the custom state.

Let me know if you want to chat live! Happy to have figured this out and excited to share it with the community :slight_smile: